Small business. It’s a tough act day in day out. You’re going flat out wearing lots of different hats. You’re juggling work life and home life which often leaves you with no life. It leaves you thinking – “Why am I in small business? My dream wasn’t meant to be like this!”.

 I get you. I’ve owned and still successfully run several small businesses. But I started out where you are. I had to fix my business. To do it, I discovered that I had to deal with my  biggest hurdles which I’ve shared below.

Getting my nightmares sorted started my journey of finding my ‘WHY’ and getting my power back. Finding your ‘WHY’ again puts energy in business. Most importantly it puts energy back into you and banishes the nightmares.

What nightmares are sapping away or crushing your ‘WHY’?

"Amanda Diaz Night Monsters"

What a day. You lay down at night and your mind just can’t let the day go. You really shouldn’t even be sleeping yet. There’s still those quotes to get out to clients. Can they wait until tomorrow? No. Because you promised their quotes within 48 hours. The day got away again – like every damn day. All those things racing in your mind when you’re trying to get to sleep, they’re the night monsters stopping you from being your best. They’re the fires, stresses and tensions from your business that creep, crawl and raise their ugly head at home.

Night monsters cause arguments with your partner and encourage bad lifestyle habits. They steal your motivation, passion and ambition as they eat away at your ‘WHY’. They grow from being reactive and not proactive in your business. And when you’re reactive in your business, that’s when you know or a (sure) sign you’ve got problems with your business processes. I’ll help you banish the night monsters.

I’ll help you banish the night monsters. Let’s chat how.

"Amanda Diaz Cashflow Fever"

Cash cow or cash drain? It’s easy to go from one to the other – either way. Imagine your cash-flow is out of whack because you don’t have time to invoice every day. This cashflow problem you have makes you feel like you’re forever starting in your business. Even using an automated invoicing system doesn’t give you back any real time. There’s still a backlog of incorrectly reconciled accounts. And your balance sheet has identified errors. But what’s causing the errors? And Why do you have double super to pay? Another bill from Asic, feels like a penalty for running a business not a privilege. Added to all this are creditors constantly sending bills left right and centre through multiple channels, via emails, on the stock box, in the post. “Where’s the structure” you cry out!

All these scenarios of poor cash-flow structure or process, raise your risk of cash-flow fever. That’s when you start sweating about cash-drain and how to start managing it better. Cash-flow fever can quickly increase daily and prevent any real cash assets in your business.

I’ll help you prevent cash flow fever. Let’s chat how.

"Amanda Diaz Work Quicksand"

Is pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion making you feel like a hero? You’ve had difficulty sleeping for a number of months and you are dog-tired. Are there any boundaries at all in your business? Stress, Anxiety, Boss Dissatisfaction. Overwhelmed, Burdened and Burnout. All are alias’ for work overload and they negatively impact work functions like quicksand. What makes quicksand deadly to a business, is its ability to trap and delay its unsuspecting victims. Never-ending to do lists feels like the weight of the world on your shoulders. Who knew a piece of paper could weigh so much?

When is enough, enough? The more you struggle and deny that you have a problem, the faster you’ll sink. I’ve got the 4-1-1 on what it is, how to avoid it, and what to do if you find yourself sinking in quicksand. So, what not to do first… don’t panic. Don’t scramble. Being reactive will only sink you further into problems. Don’t go on a rant to your loved ones and staff or colleagues. And don’t let yourself fall flat on your face.

Keep your chin up and don’t bury your head in the sand. I bet you didn’t realise that the problems causing work quicksand are usually only a few feet deep and when you know how quicksand forms and where it’s found.

You can escape its clutches. I’ll show you how. Lets chat how.

"Amanda Diaz Time Vampires"

Sanguisuge… it’s a fancy word for ‘blood sucker’. The lifeblood of a business comes from the owner’s energy, innovation, action and results.

Just like vampires to blood, aspects of your business can drain your time and suck away your energy. Just like the night monsters, time vampires also keep you awake at night too as you think about all those things you still need to do. Poor time management and focusing on the less important things feeds time vampires. In small business you think you need to do everything. In fact you don’t. A lack of conscious time management makes you more reactive so you feel and think you’re always playing catch-up by doing everything. As you’re slaving away, time vampires feed off your four vital business essences. That’s your energy, your innovation, your action and your results! What’s more, being mentally and physically exhausted dilutes your ‘WHY’ to the point you’ve forgotten (or don’t care) why you started or owning your business.

Proactive time management drives a stake though time vampires. It lets you to set the rules of your ‘to do’s’ and work schedules putting time back in your control.

Ready to slay your time vampires? Let’s chat how.

Amanda Diaz, Glitter or Dust, Why x How Consulting

Glitter or dust is the value of what you produce from all your efforts in your business. Sometimes you’re working so hard in your business, it’s like you’re doing circle-work burnouts on a dirt road. You’re putting in huge hours but the value of your work outcome isn’t very high – that’s dust. The results of what you deliver personally sets the tone for your business as a whole. Your tone can affect everything from the health of your business’ financials to second-rate customer service, blaming clients in your business or a lack of proper leadership and poor processes. Therefore dust has no value no matter how hard you work, and if that’s all it feels like you’re producing then it’s a waste of effort.

Glitter is the opposite of dust so let’s find a way to make more of it. Let’s chat how.

Amanda Diaz, Why x How Consulting Brisbane Blind Spots

You’re expected to know everything. It says so on your business card being the boss. But can you know 100% about everything? Which hat are you wearing right now? Legal, financial, marketer, customer service? You’re creating blind spots in your business trying to know everything. Blind spots in business need to be reinforced by several resources, strategies, and processes. Your business is made up of many moving parts, departments, and obligations, legislations and loads of competition. They must be operated as a combined ecosystem.

I’ll help open your eyes to your business’ blind spots. Let’s chat how.

Amanda Diaz, Why X How Consulting Brisbane, Money Tree

You planted the money seed and you see it growing , that’d be your business’ Money Tree – your operating cashflow. But often you access the Money Tree more than your personal accounts because you see your Money Tree starting to grow fruitfully thinking you’ve ‘worked’ for this money and it’s ‘yours’.

It’s so quick and easy to use your business account for little ticket items; your regular coffees; dining out, a new couch or TV, and other personal luxuries and non-business expenses; telling yourself next week’s sales will cover the drawings; or finding out that a purchased item isn’t a valuable, deductable business expense. What happens next? You end up plucking the sprouts off your Money Tree, compromising your business operating costs and complicating your ability to grow a fruitful cash asset in your business.

I’ll help keep your Money Tree growing. Let’s chat how.

Why x How Consulting, Vision Bullies, Amanda Diaz Brisbane

You’d think once we’re are out of high school that bullying stops. But when you’re in the process of getting in control of your business, some of the people you thought would support you, are suddenly the ones throwing the punches.

Constant criticism from family members or friends who’ve never ‘walked the walk’ can white-ant your confidence and dilute or shatter your dreams. They may even be afraid of your success. Sometimes people change the goal posts on you too so you feel you haven’t achieved anything simply because you feel you’re on a never-ending marathon without a finish line.

Make a stand against your Vision Bullies. Let’s chat how.


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