"Amanda Diaz Find your Why"


Every day most small business owners could list at least 5 – 10 things that they didn’t get done that day because they’re doing everything, even their business partner can’t keep up with too.

As a small business mentor and entrepreneur mentor, I’m not your typical business consultant or business coaching services. I’ll help you build a better business not by telling you how to do it but by actually getting in and doing the doing with you.

While you’re running your business, my business mentor style is also working both on and in your business as key support. Think of me like your “interim general manager”. I’ll look at your ‘HOW’ to see and offer a strategy as to how it can be improved. Most importantly, how to make it happen to get your ‘WHY’ back.

My unique ‘hands-on’ and ‘roll-up my sleeves’ approach helps get your ‘Why’ back sooner and kick goals faster. After all, when you say “Fix my business”, I believe business development coaching and consulting is more than guidance. It’s getting in there and lending a hand to build a better business.

"Amanda Diaz What's your why?"

When someone starts or buys a business, there's that moment of having absolute belief in yourself. This confidence of knowing you can do it, sure it’ll be tough but you’ll make it happen, is the foundation of your ‘WHY’. Your ‘WHY’ is also about why you started. It could be about building a business on your passion, skill, taking over the family business or buying a business or franchise.

"Amanda Diaz What's your how?"

“How’ is so interesting to me because it brings about opportunity. To what degree. In what manner. In what state. The means. And in which way. Problem solving through the ‘How’ is very interesting indeed! With your permission, the How that I will show you is through the formulation of templates and procedures in your business.

"Amanda Diaz 'Why x How'"

‘WHY x HOW’ is the multiplied strength of templating measurable processes and procedures to help you deliver and focus on your core service.

‘WHY x HOW’ is the double-up effect on your confidence and ability to solely deliver your core skill or service to clients which helps bring back your power.

Part of our unique ‘WHY x HOW’ process addresses self-approval

What I want you to take away, is that I’m here to help elevate you to that place where you reclaim control and set out on the path to achieve your dreams – just like when you first started your business. Part of our unique ‘WHY x HOW’ process will address ‘self-approval’. We’ll help you create transparency to…

"Amanda Diaz see your business' current condition"
"Amanda Diaz reignite your passion"
"Amanda Diaz change your script"


‘Mum & Dad’ partnerships

Family businesses

Franchise owners

Sole traders


Businesses looking to scale

Businesses looking to gain traction in their current or new market

Businesses with problems

Stressed out small business owners

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