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Owning and running a small business is tough, challenging, demanding and also rewarding. I know because I’ve run several successful businesses and I still have current ones so I’ve shared your pain and triumphs. But sometimes even passion, (that’s your ‘Why’), isn’t enough to knock down the brick walls and smash through road-blocks.

As a small business mentor and entrepreneur mentor, I’ll help you build a better business not by telling you how to do it but by actually getting in and “doing the doing” with you.

My unique hands-on and “roll-up my sleeves” approach helps get your ‘Why’ back sooner and kick goals faster. While you’re running your business, my business mentor style is also working both on and in your business as key support.

So make a start now by seeing which nightmares you’re struggling with in your business below. Or let’s catch up face-to-face. Then we’ll work together on ‘HOW’ to get your ‘Why’ back.


Why are you feeling drained of energy and passion from the small business you own? I’ll bet it’s one or all of these reasons.

"Amanda Diaz Night Monsters"

You’re exhausted. But how can you sleep? Quotes are due. You’ve promised clients. There are fires in the office and with your partner – you only love one of them ATM. A morning new business pitch. More pressure. Night monsters never let your mind sleep soundly.

"Amanda Diaz Cashflow Fever"

Cash cow or cash drain? There’s little time to review a backlog of incorrect reconciled accounts. Creditor bills are streaming in. When are they due? How much cash do you have on hand? There’s no structure, no process. The cash-flow fever has taken hold. You feel undervalued/underpaid.

"Amanda Diaz Time Vampires"

You’re working hard but getting nowhere. Small tasks are distracting you from what’s important. What to focus on first? But everything needs your attention. Where’s the drive, energy and passion you once had? The time vampires are sucking it all away.

"Amanda Diaz Work Quicksand"

Every day most small business owners could list at least 5 – 10 things they didn’t get done that day because they’re doing everything else. That overload of work is like quicksand. What makes quicksand deadly to a business is its ability to trap and delay its unsuspecting victims.

Amanda Diaz, Why x How Consulting Brisbane Blind Spots

You’re expected to know everything. It says so on your business card being the boss. But can you know 100% about everything? Which hat are you wearing right now? Legal, financial, marketer, customer service? You’re creating blind spots in your business trying to know everything.

Amanda Diaz, Glitter or Dust, Why x How Consulting

You’re putting in the hard yards to make your business as success. But sometimes you feel all your efforts aren’t reflecting the value you’re contributing to your business. And all this is affecting your motivation, your team, your products and even your customers or client servicing.

Amanda Diaz, Why X How Consulting Brisbane, Money Tree

Your Money Tree looks kind of healthy but why is it loosing its cash leaves? You’re working extra hard to nurture its growth so why are there less and less cash sprouts that fund your business when you need the extra cash to pay for things? You’re hoping like hell it’s not sick or even worse it’s dying.

Why x How Consulting, Vision Bullies, Amanda Diaz Brisbane

You’re passionate about what you do and have the confidence to succeed but there’s something eating away at this. Someone is white-anting your vision. A negative comment here, a criticism there. It’s their way of bullying to dampen your dream and undermining your confidence.


I ask you, what’s your ‘WHY’ vision and what do you love about your business life? Are you delivering glitter or dust?

 These are my first questions as a small business mentor and entrepreneur mentor to you. After all, your business exists because of your passion, drive and energy. These characteristics are the true fuel for your business’ forward motion.

If they’re being depleted by your business nightmares, finding your ‘WhyxHow’ again is so important. Put simply, “Why’ is your vision and passion. Your ‘How’ is the way forward to get it back.

I’ll fully explain how the power of ‘WhyxHow’ helps build a better business more so click the link below and find out.


I’m Amanda. Having owned and run a number of highly success small businesses in Brisbane, my goal now is to inspire and help mums and dads, sole traders, other business owners to flip your script so you get back to doing what YOU love.

As small business mentor and entrepreneur mentor, I just don’t talk-the-talk. I walk-the-walk. When I founded ‘WHYxHOW’ Consulting Brisbane, I didn’t want to just tell you how to build a better business. I wanted to get stuck in there and make it happen. That’s what I do – such as when I owned my successful cleaning business. Like the times when I was scrubbing the grout in showers with a toothbrush while I was pregnant, to help ensure my clients got their rental bonds back.

I understand men and women struggling in business because I’ve been there. I’ve had the nightmares, the frustrations and road-blocks too. Now I’m here to help you get rid of them to find your ‘WHYxHOW’.

Take a look at my story that led me to create ‘WHYxHOW’ Consulting.

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